Server errors when opening krypt items make that item unobtainable


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    I have since stockpiled enough money to buy every item that can currently drop from the shrine (in all of its different loot tables associated with different shrine amounts donated), souls chests, hidden/invisible chests, kronika's vaults, and regular chests. I obviously am missing the few "klassic" items that cannot be obtained yet. But I am also missing a few other items that are currently obtainable like a raiden hat titled "Truth and Lightning." In the past when opening chests of visiting the shrine for gear, I had been disconnected after encountering a server error as the results of the open box or shrine rewards would begin to display.


    My thinking is that I earned those items in that moment without ever actually receiving them. Which has removed them from the loot table for myself. As a result, I cannot earn certain items... Can We get a fix for this or open up some sort of dialogue as I know others are dealing with this as well. It is just very hard for most players to tell that they may have fallen victim to this because you would need to have earned enough money to have actually emptied all of these different loot pools AND know that there are some truly unobtainable items (and which items those are).

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