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    I'll skip over things like wall types (iron is obliviously the best) and siege beasts (honestly when I've attacked and defended, half the time they hit me, so go with poison or fire so you don't lose your "rage"). The only defense part you really need is the spiked walls.
    The archers won't deal any damage (presuming they live through the artillery barrages).
    I would use either the war graug because the caragors normally die by the aforementioned catapults and hellfire doesn't really do anything other than assure that any "Enraged by Burning" guys knock your gate off (ALSO if you "need" to use hellfire, use iron gates because wood, you know, doesn't like fire).
    The most used host is the defenders, followed by savages, I presume because you can't normally attack them.
    Lastly the mines don't really do anything, if you're defending you (ideally) won't have any enemies inside. But I go with poison because it can interrupt attacks if applied.
    Hope this helps, X3
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