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    What level are you?    And by 'surrounded by 9 other Uruks' do you mean simply grunts/Ologs?    Is he damaged by beasts or Immune?   Do you have all your sklls unlocked, all Legendary weapons, etc?   

    Without knowing all the details, ne suggestion is to use a Warmonger's Hammer that creates fire explosions and wack the ground or a nearby grunt with that, which will burn him (assuming u have that Legendary weapon).   If not that lure him where you can explode a firepit, grog barrel, etc etc.   If he's susceptible to Frost use that on him, then melee damage the guy including hopping over him if/when he's frozen.  Do EXE on him whenever u have sufficient might.    Don't let him regenerate health, wack the ground near him (to create fire explosion) when he does this if you're not already close by to the guy, that will stop his health regen.  When he's broken shadow strike him and recruit (or shame)  if you don't want to kill him.   If he's enraged with a sliver of health and want to recruit him backoff til he loses his rage then shadow-brand recruit.  If you just want to kill him continue to use fire when he's at low health, he'll die soon enough (don't exe or melee him, as his Death Defying' trait will get him back to full health).   

    You can also raise dead (depending on your level and game progress, and equip with Fire or Curse or Poison on their weapons), in addition to calling in spiders, grunts or a Follower with a fire weapon (or similar that damages your target) to help (assuming u have that/those skills unlocked).    If he's injured by beast call or lure in a Graug and stomp on the guy (better yet one that spews an element), release Carigors or cal them via bait then brand and duplicate, hit spider/ghoul nests and/or call them in with the firepit jump, etc etc  Lots you can do

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