a 'gamebreaking' bug


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    WB Gamer

    This is a known bug and was introduced when the DOM DLC was released.  Many threads on this issue.   Some tips to help reduce the risk of being killed while waiting for Vendetta's to Load (also happens during Online Siege load screens  and other mission events).


    Kill all enemy Grunts/Beasts in your general area.

    If there's an approaching (or close by) enemy Captain kill or shame him away

    Raise as many Undead as you can (including Ologs and/or Beasts)

    Call your Graug

    Call in Spiders or your 3 Grunt possee (I avoid calling in a Captain BG as they could betray you)

    Shadow strike into Firepits to call Spiders or Ghouls (set in the Skills tree)

    Shadow brand and duplicate any Carigors you dominate (or raise from dead)

    Do a last look around to make sure no new enemies are coming your way (including enemy Drakes)

    Start the mission

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