I am playing on PC and my game is crashing.

I am playing on PC and my game is crashing.

If your game client is crashing, it’s typically due to a few common causes.

Outdated or incorrect/corrupted video and/or sound card drivers

First, make sure you have the most up-to-date video and sound drivers available for your system. Often you can find these by checking your system manufacturer's website and visiting the driver update page for your system model. You can also download updated drivers directly from your video or sound card manufacturer if you know what type of card it is. AMD and Nvidia also offer "automatic driver" installations if you know you have an AMD or Nvidia card but do not know what the model is.

AMD driver website with Automatic driver download tool available

Nvidia driver website with Automatic driver download tool available

Corrupted or incorrect DirectX installation

Try updating Direct X by installing the most recent version available. This is the software the game uses to communicate with your PC, so if the installation is out-of-date or corrupt it can cause crashing.

Overclocking or Turbo Boosting a processor/GPU

If you are Overclocking or Turbo Boosting a component in your computer, we strongly recommend resetting the component or components to chipset manufacturer specifications, as doing so may prevent any crashes from occurring in the future.

If you’re using ‘Intel Turbo Booster’, please disable this feature, which is typically found in your computer's BIOS settings (contact the system or motherboard manufacturer for information regarding the BIOS and options within).

Corrupted installation of the game

You may have a corrupted installation of the game client. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game client.

Settings Related Performance

Remember that higher settings increase the workload for the system hardware overall, even if your system exceeds the minimum specifications for the game. 

Minimum system requirements are a list of what base hardware the game will need to function but while on a reduced graphics settings profile.  Even if the system is within the minimum to recommended specifications for a game, the more options enabled that positively affect rendering quality can conversely and negatively affect performance and stability.

Using a reduced settings profile for graphics related features in the game (options menu) is recommended if you are experiencing impacts to performance and/or stability.

Other Applications

Games in general require significant system resources, try closing down as many extraneous applications as possible before launching.  Review your antivirus' support page or help for a 'gaming mode' or similar option and enable that prior to play.

In some rare instances you might want to also try what is known as a 'clean boot' of Windows.  This is a temporary step and usually just to determine if, by closing down all non-Windows specific applications and startup items, there is any change.  After testing the game's performance the clean boot steps should then be reversed and Windows restarted normally.

There are steps on how to do this here, but follow those directions very closely because if done incorrectly you can affect the system's ability to start up. 

If your game client is still crashing after trying any or all of the items listed above, please follow up with our Support Team using the Ask for Help link above.

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