Daily Login Bonus FAQ

Daily Login Bonus FAQ

Earn additional rewards by logging in to Shadow of War mobile every day!

Once per day, you will have an opportunity to collect a Daily Login Bonus. These rewards vary by day, and include currencies, experience boosts, Energy and more! Additionally, by logging in every day, you will receive a small amount of VIP Tokens along with your reward. To receive your Daily Login Bonus, simply tap the "Claim" button!

Don’t miss a day! Log in every day and you will receive a special bonus for collecting your rewards consecutively.

You can review all possible collectible rewards for the month by scrolling up and down on the right side of the Daily Login Bonus UI. The amount of days that you will need to log in to receive your special bonus will be noted at the bottom of the UI, and the amount of days remaining until the current available rewards expire will be displayed towards the top of the screen.

New rewards are made available on the first of every month! Your Daily Login Bonus will reset at this time, giving you new opportunities at collecting a fresh set of rewards.  

Please note, the Daily Login Bonus screen only appears once per day. If you have any concerns regarding your Daily Login Bonus, please feel free to contact Customer Support using the “Ask for Help” button above.
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