Game of Thrones: Conquest Allegiances FAQ

Game of Thrones: Conquest Allegiances FAQ

Form Allegiances with other conquerors and make your name known throughout the 7 Kingdoms!

To join an Allegiance, or view more information about your current Allegiance, tap on the Allegiance icon in the bottom-right corner of your in-game dashboard.
Creating an Allegiance

Upon loading into Westeros for the first time, your Allegiance tag will be randomly generated for you. You can retag your Allegiance at any time by tapping on your avatar in the top-left corner of your screen, and selecting “Edit Profile.” Scroll down to the “Change Allegiance Tag” section, and type your new Allegiance tag in the field provided.

Please note, your Allegiance tag can only be 5 characters, using A-Z / 0-9. Your first Allegiance retag is free; additional retags cost 500 Gold.

Bannermen make up your Allegiance. Simply put, the more Bannermen your Allegiance has, the more powerful your group will be!

When you recruit your first Bannerman, you will have effectively formed your Allegiance! You can recruit up to 5 total Bannermen, who can in turn recruit up to 5 Bannermen of their own. There are four tiers of Bannerman total in any Allegiance, and fourth-tier Bannermen cannot have any recruits of their own. When viewing the Allegiance Members UI, these tiers are represented by Roman numerals to the right of a player’s display name.

Those who follow you look up to you as their Liege. Lieges in turn look up to the leaders of the next highest tier in an Allegiance. The leader of an Allegiance has no Liege of their own, however they hold the highest rank and are listed as the first tier of the Allegiance.
Joining an Allegiance

To join an Allegiance, tap on the Allegiance icon in the bottom-right corner of your in-game dashboard.

A list of recommended Allegiances will be shown. Choose your Allegiance by tapping on the blue “Join” button. If no Allegiances shown suit your desires, then tap the blue “Refresh List” button at the bottom of this screen to populate a new list of recommend Allegiances.

Please note, if you receive an error message indicating that the Allegiance that you are trying to join has no slots available, this may indicate that the player you are attempting to swear Allegiance to may have just run out of open slots. This player may also be a fourth-tier Bannerman in their Allegiance, and thus will not be able to have any Bannermen of their own.

To break your Allegiance to your Liege, tap the “Leave Liege” button at the bottom of the Allegiance Menu.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Allegiances, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support in-game or by clicking "Ask for Help" above.
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