Middle-earth: Shadow of War – The Mobile Game - Fellowship FAQ

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – The Mobile Game - Fellowship FAQ

Forge Fellowships with your friends and battle through Mordor together! Upon creating or joining a Fellowship, you can communicate with your friends through Fellowship chat, as well as request items. You can join a Fellowship starting at Player Level 5, however you must be Player Level 15 in order to create your own Fellowship.

Note there is a fee of 100 Gemstones for creating a Fellowship. You may set your Fellowship’s name immediately upon creation, however if you wish to rename your Fellowship in the future then there is a fee of 10 Gemstones.

When creating a Fellowship, you can apply the following settings to personalize your group:

  • Open: Anyone can joinyour Fellowship
  • Closed: Your Fellowship is not accepting new members
  • Private: Players may send you a request to join your Fellowship
Minimum Player Level
  • Set this anywhere between levels 5 and 70
Minimum Player Strength
  • You may set a minimum Power requirement of 1000 for incoming members
  • Note, this value represents the total Power of your roster of Champions
Members of your Fellowship will hold a rank within the group. These ranks include:
  • High-King (Fellowship creator, can promote/demote other members)
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Soldier
  • Ring-Bearer (Lowest rank in the Fellowship)
Please note, the Fellowship system is currently in development, and additional features will be added to the game in future updates.
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