Special Event Palantir FAQ

Special Event Palantir FAQ

Every so often, limited offers will be made available in the Palantir, giving you a chance at a special Champion!

These chests offer other rewards as well, including unlockable Champions and Champion Glyphs. Champions featured in the Palantir will be displayed at the top, indicating the star level at which they are awarded. Tapping the “i” icon will display all possible rewards from the Palantir. One reward will always be guaranteed upon using the Palantir!

Note that if you receive a Champion reward from a Palantir and that Champion is already in your Roster, then you will receive 30 Glyphs for that hero. These Glyphs can be put towards Evolving your Champion and increasing its Rarity!

If you have any questions about a Palantir offer, please contact Customer Support using the “Ask for Help” button above.
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