Orc Duels FAQ

Orc Duels FAQ

Pit your Orcs against one another in a battle for Glory!

So long as you have at least 2 Orcs in your Orc Army, you can have them face off in an Orc Duel. The victor will be awarded Glory, which can be put towards Evolving your Orc. The loser will suffer death - the ultimate defeat – where they will transfer to the Halls of the Dead for a limited time. This article will explain the basics of Duels, as well as how to resurrect a defeated Orc.

To initiate an Orc Duel, select the “Orc Duels” option on the Orc Army main menu. From here, select the 2 Orcs that you wish to battle against one another. Note that you may only select Orcs that are not currently away on an Orc Mission, or have suffered defeat.
Once you have selected your Orcs, you may review details about each Orc prior to beginning the duel. You will see the amount of Glory each Orc may receive, should that Orc win the Duel. Generally, the lower level an Orc, the higher amount of Glory that Orc will receive as a reward.

You will be advised which Orc has a better chance at succeeding in the Duel. For example, if an Orc’s Power is significantly higher than its opponent, then that Orc will be heavily favored to win the battle. Additionally, Trait matchups will display at the bottom of this screen. Traits that provide either a bonus or negate an Orc’s skills will display here.

Orc Duels are automatic, so you can simply sit back and watch the carnage unfold!

The victorious Orc will receive Glory, which you can review and apply for that Orc in your Roster. The loser will promptly transfer to the Halls of the Dead. In the Halls of the Dead, defeated Orcs will temporarily reside here until resurrected. If they are not resurrected within the specified time limit, then they will be permanently lost.

To resurrect an Orc, simply spend the specified number of Resurrection Tokens within the defined time limit. Resurrection Tokens can be acquired either from defeating your Nemesis in Campaign Missions, or as a random reward from the Palantir. Once you resurrect your Orc, it will be restored to your Roster, where you can use it again in battle.
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