Orc Missions FAQ

Orc Missions FAQ

Upon reaching player level 12, you will unlock Orc Missions! Send out your branded Orcs on missions to collect resources and scout recruits to build up your Orc Army. The longer and more dangerous the mission, the better the rewards!

Orc Missions take place in real-time, so the Orcs selected for these missions will be unavailable for the full duration of the mission.

You can send up to 5 Orcs on any given mission, which will increase the overall Power of your Orc team. Note that your team’s overall Power will determine the quality of rewards for completing your Mission. You can review your mission’s possible rewards, along with Power requirements, by tapping on the “Details” button in the “Possible Rewards” section.

In a hurry to get back into the fight? You can rush complete your Orc Missions in-progress using Gemstones. You can rush complete up to 10 Orc Missions per day, so choose wisely!

You can have 2 Orc Missions in-progress at the same time, with additional Orc Missions slots available to unlock using your VIP Perks.

Remember, your Orcs can be defeated during their missions! Make sure your Orcs are powerful enough to fight and scavenge. Should an Orc fall during their mission, then you will have a small window of time to resurrect them in the Halls of the Dead, using Resurrection Tokens.

When reviewing details about your selected Orc Mission and assembling your team of Orcs to send out, you can review the basic mechanics of Orc Missions at any time by tapping on the “i” button in the top-right corner of your screen, opposite the Orc Mission name/duration.
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