Basic Moves FAQ for Injustice 2 Mobile

Basic Moves FAQ for Injustice 2 Mobile

Welcome to Injustice 2!

Before you jump into the fight, let’s review your hero’s basic moves and abilities.

To attack, simply tap the middle of your screen.

Swipe right to rush attack your opponent.

Swipe left to evade your opponent’s attack.

Swipe up to jump. If you are close to your opponent, swiping up will initiate a jump attack.

To block your opponent’s attacks, tap the shield icon. You can also hold two fingers on your screen to block.

Ranged attacks can be performed by swiping left, then tapping on your screen.

When your special ability is ready to use, tap its icon to unleash its power.

Once your power bar (under your hero’s health bar) has filled up, tap the icon in the bottom-middle of your screen to initiate your devastating Supermove!

If you have any other questions about Injustice 2 gameplay or want to discuss combat strategies, please check the official Injustice 2 Mobile forums!
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